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Designing your propeller

On one hand, a perfect propeller does not exist. On the other hand, a perfect propeller for a specific case does! There are so many things that need to be taken into acount - speed of UAV, latitude, RPM, thrust, outside conditions and space etc. However, we can do the calculation and produce the right propeller for you. We take our 28 years of experience we have in designing and manufacturing of propellers, combine it with bright brains of our aerospace engineers and run a CFD analysis for you. This will give you a pretty good idea of how will the propeller work even before the actual manufacturing.

Efficiency charts

In order to design a propeller which will fit, we look at the data we already have from the propellers we have designed and measured previously. Based on those measurements and our experience we can adjust the design to fit your needs and give you a basic idea of how will the specific propeller behave.

CAD design

We will put the data together and produce a CAD design. We can also help you with your design, give you some recommendations or create your design straight away. 

CFD analysis

In order to do Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) we cooperate with the Technical University in Brno. We deliver the CAD model of our design and the Technical University then simulate the surroundings and outside conditions; they send it to their 500 cores computer where such simulation runs for several hours. The result is a model which is around 85% accurate in showing how will the propeller perform in real life. CFD is a good method to test more expensive propellers before they go to production. However, we recommend the smaller propellers go straight to production, since CFD analysis is time consuming and costly. 

Flow of air

This device helps us measure the flow of air behind the propeller. We measure the speed and the direction. By measuring those we are able to 1) validate the truthness of CFD analysis and adjust the computation model 2) compute and design more efficient coaxial setup. Where most companies use 2 equal propellers, we recommend using the lower one with changing pitch - the pitch should be higher in the center to corespond with the faster flow of air. Whereas, the pitch should be smaller on the top to catch the clear air more easily.