Have a look inside our factory in the heart of Europe

Quality control!

The difference between us and the competition in UAV propellers is the quality. We understand you could be having millions of dollars "flying in the air" with sensors costing hundreds of thousands of dollars... As the future means flying above people - there is simply no room for error! We are aware of thiss, thus we act accordingly. With tests far exceeding regulations for manned aircrafts we simply deliver a propeller which will not fail you.


We understand that the balance of our propellers is crutial. Our customers have high demands and we have a great feedback from those who also test the propellers themselves: "There was no need to do anything. The propeller was perfectly balanced!"

We balance both vertically and horizontally.

Testing rig

Here is one of our devices that puts the propeller into thrust that is twice as high (for a period of 1 hour) than what we guarantee to our customers. We do the testing with strong electric engines and we are often limited only by the speed of sound which we would not like to exceed.

Weight tests

You can see for yourself! Our propellers are subjects of truly uncompromising weight tests! :-) They undergo a pressure test which is many times higher than the actual pressure in real situations.

Visual test

Visual testing is a very important part of our quality control. We complete this testing in order to stop faulty propellers from being shipped to the customer. Any cracks, creased carbon fabric or air bubbles are detected and returned for remake or thrown away. Visual testing is so important to us that 3 different people are doing the tests independently. We always deliver immaculate propellers.