Propeller possibilities

What is possible?

We would love to show you our capabilities. We have produced hundreds of custom made propellers and bellow are examples of what we can actually offer. 


Size matters. We have experience in manufacturing propellers as small as 8 inches, but also large ones for manned drones exceeding 100 inches. 


Let's look closer at your specific case. What are your RPMs, type of engine, style of flight? Do you request a propeller for a multicopter or forward flight? We will help you determine the right pitch for you.

Number of blades

The fewer the blades, the more efficient the propeller is. This is due to unspoiled airflow the propeller blade goes through. However, should you have limited space or should you be looking for noise reduction, having  more blades is the way to go.

The core

Generally speaking we make 2 types of propeller core. 

Hollow - this propeller is heavier and cheaper. This method is widely used with combustion engines. Heavier propeller gives higher moment of interia and assures smoother operation of gas engines.

Polyurethan core - using polyurethane core reduces the weight by 25-40% and at the same time the propeller keeps its strength. We use this method mainly for electric engines.

Foldable propeller

We can produce both horizontally and vertically folding propellers. We understand the need of saving space and/or adjusting aerodynamics. Even though our opinion is that fewer moving parts are better due to lower vibration and higher efficiency, should this be your request, we are able to produce one of the best folding systems on the market.


We use carbon fibre from prestigious producers as SGL, Torayca or Tenax only. We offer different weights and finishes to meet our customers needs.


Our propellers are glossy by default. However, we are able to make the surface matt to reflect less light - this is widely used on drones which should atract no attention. 

Your own logo

Branding is important and propellers are one of the most visible parts on a drone. We can add logo to your propeller or we can make the propellers with no lettering.


Spinners reduce aerodynamic drag and smoothen the airflow. A good spinner, the same as a propeller, should be well-balanced in order not to vibrate. 

Have you not found what you have been searching for?

Some requests are very unique and do not fit into this standard offer. However, most of the time we are able to deliver a solution which will work for your specific needs.