Design and manufacturing of top-quality carbon propellers

We believe every UAV deserves perfectly fitting propellers to unleash its full potential.
Tomáš Mejzlík, CEO


We can create a propeller from scratch. We design propellers in CAD Rhino from scratch. Efficiency curves and CFD analysis could be handy before the actuall prototyping


We will always deliver balanced props, on time, with constant quality. All of our props are checked in multiple processess, ensuring you will always get a perfect product. 

So many possibilities

Need a light propeller? What about a firm one for high thrusts? Foldable? Small or Big? Low pitch for hovers or high for forward flight? Your own logo? Glossy or Dull finish? Non-conductive? Two blades? Three? Four?...

From contact to mass production

From getting to know your platform and needs to the production itself. What steps will probably follow?  See how the process of our cooperation will probably look like. 

Let’s Make It Work

Tell us about yourself. We will be happy to help you solve your propeller problem or make you great propellers. Send us an email to info@mejzlik.eu or use contact form. We will be also happy to show you our factory in Czech Republic, Europe and meet in person :-).