From your need to the best fitting propeller

Mejzlik will be your partner during the whole process from development to testing and production of the best propeller for your platform. How we approach this process?

  • Have propeller

    Need better quality

  • Have idea

    Need support or help

  • Have plans

    Need guidance

  • Have prototype

    Need development

Prop Design.
Mejzlik way.

Tell us about your platform and we will tell you what propeller to use. With inhouse propeller calculation software we are able to provide you with reliable performance data before manufacturing.

Our Design Process

Meet our high‑quality product

We make different sizes and shapes of propellers aimed for professional use. Learn how we can customize the structure and design of our blades to fit your needs.

Quality control

Consistency and no errors. We are ISO 9001 certified. Every propeller undergoes strict quality check to assure it will not fail you. Do you plan to have your platform certified? We got you covered.


Ryan Nichols, Martin UAV

Ryan Nichols, Martin UAV

“We had a sudden need for new custom propellers on an incredibly tight timeline. Mejzlik accepted our order and worked around the clock to deliver us three propellers of excellent quality, a week ahead of schedule. They produced under pressure for us and we are extremely happy with our relationship with them”

Raviv Raz, CPO at Percepto

Raviv Raz, CPO at Percepto

“Their best-in-class carbon fiber propellers help make our drone-in-a-box solution reliable and efficient. Thanks for all your great work, team!”

Zvi Dinar, Aerial R&D Director, Aeronautics Ltd.

Zvi Dinar, Aerial R&D Director, Aeronautics Ltd.

“When developing military grade UAVs, heaving highest quality suppliers is no longer enough. We were looking for a partner that would help us develop perfectly working propulsion solutions for our platforms. With Mejzlik Propellers we have found someone to rely on. I value their friendly yet professional approach as well as their ability to openly talk about possible problems and quickly suggest innovative solutions.”

About Mejzlik

Meet Mejzlik Propellers. Company with more than 30 years of experience in propeller business. Every process from simulation to production and testing takes place under one roof in Brno, Czech Republic.

Want to see for yourself? Come over, we will be more than happy to show you around.

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