From contact to propeller

What does the process look like?

Every case is specific, however, the following basic quality policy steps ensure that you will always the best product.

1. Getting to know your platform and needs.

We care about your UAV and we want to offer you the best possible setup that will suit your needs perfectly. We will offer you one of our current designs or make a custom design for you.

2. Finding off-​the-​shelf solution that fits.

As a first step, we will always try to offer you one of our proved off-​the-​shelf propellers for testing and as a sample of our capabilities. If we cannot find you one it is time to create a custom prop for you. 

3. Do you need custom solution?

We can create a perfect prop for you from scratch in our factory. We can do the designing according to your needs or create a prop based on your design. Click on the button to get an idea about how we design propellers.

4. Prototyping and fine-​tuning your prop.

We will make sure that you have the right propeller for your platform. Adjusting materials, weight or design are not a problem and we will make sure to deliver the best possible prop. 

5. Perfect props delivered every time.

We will always deliver propellers perfectly balanced and on time. We make sure that our quality is constant. All of our props are checked in multiple processess to ensure that you will always get the best product.